You Can Score Big In The Midmarket Arena

By Don Nelson  |  Posted 2001-03-05

Not too long ago, customer relationship management (CRM) was too technical, too costly and too time-intensive for midmarket deployment. But thanks to recent improvements, CRM offers midmarket companies great functionality, affordable pricing options and Web-enabled services.

Partners like you are critical to the success of CRM implementation in the midmarket. Resellers offer midmarket customers access to technology, as well as localized service consulting without expensive overhead costs. By recognizing the benefits of that technology early on, partners are able to educate the market and help bring the promise of greater efficiency in business to life. That unique personalized service enables resellers to establish a level of trust and develop personalized relationships with customers.

A successful CRM solution increases customer satisfaction, boosts profits and retains existing customers. The trick is to find a fully integrated system that supports sales-force activities, customer service and back-to-front office transactions.

Many CRM vendors claim integration. But in reality, they often employ custom third-party connections.

What customers really need is full integration from a single vendor. Heres why: CRMs customer-centric approach allows all employees access to complete customer information across sales teams, call centers with Web capabilities, order desks, e-mail correspondence, and other points of contact. Your goal is to give your customers a comprehensive view of their customers across all resources.

For example, CRM can track a customers specific order and request activities via the Web, and then translate that information into behavior patterns based on variables like dates, products purchased and purchase amounts.

By evolving with CRM, midmarket businesses are not only more profitable at their own market level, but also can compete with businesses at the enterprise level. However, none of that can happen without your CRM expertise to lend a hand.

Don Nelson is VP and general manager of Great Plains Front Office Solutions. Send feedback to

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