Fiber Optics Sans the Fiber

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2001-03-05

Looking for private-line, building-to-building connectivity, but the wireline options are either unavailable or too expensive? SONA Communications Corp., in Richmond, British Columbia, this week launched an optical wireless product line to deliver connectivity at fiber-optic transmission speeds for a lower cost than other broadband technologies.

The SONAbeam 155-2 optical wireless link carries data up to 1.25 miles at what the company says are the industrys most competitive price-per-bit ratios.

The line-of-site technology is well-suited to LAN-to-LAN internetworking, point-to-point private-line connections and short-haul campus links as well as service provider applications.

Three transceiver models are available depending on the speed and distance needs of the customer. The SONAbeam 155-2, slated for shipment in May, is priced at $20,000, including both ends of the optical wireless link. Later this year, systems will be available for distances up to 500 meters and 2 kilometers.

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