Motorola Models Spring Fashions

By Carmen Nobel  |  Posted 2002-02-14

At its design center in Milan, Italy, Motorola Inc. today announced its 2002 fashion portfolio, which includes several new handsets and a bevy of accessories.

Besides looking funkier than previous Motorola products, the phones focus on messaging applications, next-generation network capabilities, and support for Java2 Micro Edition.

The 2002 handset collection includes the following, all of which will be available in the second half of the year, according to company officials in Schaumburg, Ill.:

The V70 is designed primarily to be a fashion statement. It includes a rotating cover, a circular display, and a keypad that glows blue.

The A820 is the companys first 3G phone. It includes support for multi-media messaging and downloading video files, a video camera, the Bluetooth wireless communications protocol, and the ability to conduct a phone call while performing other operations.

The A388 is a combination phone/personal digital assistant that includes support for J2ME, handwriting recognition, instant messenger, e-mail and general address book functions.

The C330 is more about the phone than the function of the phone. It includes customizable covers, downloadable screensavers, wallpaper and icons, and the ability to compose complex ring tones that include chords.

The 2002 collection also includes an MP3 Player, Bluetooth headset, a desktop speakerphone, self install carkit, and a wind-up power source.

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