3Com Introduces Secure Broadband Gateway

By Matt Carolan  |  Posted 2002-03-25

3Com Corp. on Monday unveiled a new, higher security version of its OfficeConnect broadband Internet gateway for small business.

The OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Secure Gateway is an expanded version of the 3Com OfficeConnect gateway offered in February of this year. The new product features an "industry standard" firewall that tracks transactions to ensure that inbound packets were requested by the user, and contains "basic security capabilities" such as Network Address Translation, Port Address Translation, traffic filtering, and hacker pattern detection, said 3Com officials. It also has secure VPN (virtual private network) capability, employing either PPTP or IPSec protocols.

As in the earlier OfficeConnect product, multiple users can also access a shared broadband connection, either through a cable or DSL modem via an Ethernet cable, thereby reducing access costs. They can also use groupware, for such things as e-mail or scheduling.

The new product has four Ethernet/Fast Ethernet LAN (local area network) ports. The gateway automatically detects the Ethernet cable type being used and adapts for the connection. When extended by an office LAN, up to 253 users can access the Internet using the shared connection.

The new gateway is expected to be available in April 2002. List price is $350.

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