Dirig Suite Tracks Performance of J2EE Apps

By Paula Musich  |  Posted 2003-11-03

Dirig Software Inc. is launching an integrated application performance management suite that lets operators take a more business-oriented view of J2EE applications and infrastructure performance.

Dirigs APP (Application Performance Platform) 4.5 draws on the Nashua, N.H., companys Pathfinder technology, allowing the tool to relate performance statistics to the application, officials said.

Unique to the platform is Automapper, which can map the structure of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition applications within the server and among related servers. Automapper uses application source code, database and Web server configuration files to determine relationships among application components and infrastructure.

"We look across all the tiers of the application, from the user experience to the back end, and we collect [data] from all performance and systems management tools the customer has in place and use that knowledge of the application structure to organize the information and present it to developers, operations and lines of business," said Ian Finley, Dirigs director of product management.

Another component of the platform, Data Harvester, uses the map to know which parts of the infrastructure to query. Once data is consolidated into the database, the Performance, Report and Portfolio managers generate reports from it.

Currently, the tool works from data collected from Dirig agents, the Java Management Exchange interface and SNMP. Dirig plans to add adapters to collect data from other management products starting in January.

APP is available now and starts at $50,000.

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