Configuresoft Updates ECM

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2001-01-22

Configuresoft Inc., formerly Fundamental Software Inc., targets two high-profile enterprise desktop configuration issues in the latest release of Enterprise Configuration Manager.

ECM 3.5 for Windows environments tries to help desktop administrators avoid security breaches opened by the misconfiguration of desktops and to reduce the cost and complexity associated with migrating to Windows 2000 desktops.

ECM collects and displays security-related configuration data on any network-connected Windows NT or Windows 2000 desktop, notebook or server.

Because the software tracks changes made to security settings and keeps such data in a security log, administrators can also be alerted when changes are made. At the same time, administrators can keep track of security HotFix patches and version numbers to verify they are up-to-date across the enterprise.

Configuresoft, of Woodland Park, Colo., also added a migration module that automates the process of finding and resolving configuration conflicts for Windows 95 and Windows 98 desktops that will be migrated to Windows 2000.

The software, available now, costs $775 per server and $30 per managed workstation. The Windows 2000 migration module is $7.50 per workstation.

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