iPad 4-Gen: 10 Reasons Why Apple's Full-Size Tablet Is Worth Buying

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-10-24

iPad 4-Gen: 10 Reasons Why Apple's Full-Size Tablet Is Worth Buying

Apple's fourth-generation iPad was unveiled at the company's special Oct. 23 event. Its announcement was a surprise, considering the so-called "new iPad" launched in March. As some might expect, that announcement annoyed some recent iPad buyers who thought that they would have ample time to own the product before it would be replaced. No such luck.

But even though Apple's timing could have been better, those who might be considering a new tablet now have found a device worth buying. The fourth-generation iPad is everything that the "new iPad" should have been. And with a new processor that promises far better performance, it might just be what the corporate world is looking for in a business-class tablet.

So when Apple releases the fourth-generation iPad on Nov. 2, the device looks at least on paper like it will be worth buyers' hard-earned dollars. It could prove to be the best tablet Apple has produced yet.

Here are the reasons why.

1. The A6X processor

Apple's A6X processor is central to the fourth-generation iPad's consumer and enterprise appeal. According to Apple, this CPU will deliver performance that's double that of its predecessor. The fourth-generation iPad's graphics power will also double the previous device. Not bad.

2. Welcome to Lightning

Although Lightning has been criticized for not providing easy backward compatibility with the previous 30-pin connector, it's a good idea to get into the Lightning mix sooner rather than later. By adding the port to the fourth-generation iPad, Apple is demonstrating that Lightning is the future. Customers are going to have to accept the new port if they want to stick with Apple.

3. iOS 6 is tops

Apple's iOS 6 is running on the fourth-generation iPad. So those who are already using the software—more than 200 million of you—should feel right at home. Apple's iOS 6 is the best software version the company has launched yet and it makes for a more efficient user experience.

4. It won't be updated any time soon

If there's anything you can bet on with the fourth-generation iPad, it's that it won't be updated any time soon. Judging by Apple's decision to launch two iPads this year, the company is trying to change its launch timeframe to ensure it takes greater advantage of the holiday shopping season. Don't expect an iPad 5 to launch for another year.

iPad 4-Gen: 10 Reasons Why Apple's Full-Size Tablet Is Worth Buying

5. The big display is important

As Apple itself proved at its Oct. 23 event, display size matters. Just the jump from a 7-inch display to a 7.9-inch screen will deliver 35 percent more screen real estate. Can you imagine the jump from Apple's iPad Mini to the 9.7-inch fourth-generation iPad? Don't undervalue the device's screen size.

6. For corporate users, it's what employees want

In a world where consumerization is taking over the enterprise, IT decision makers are increasingly becoming concerned with what their employees want. The iPad has been the best and most popular tablet on the market. The fourth-generation iPad will keep it that way, which is why it will remain the natural choice of corporate users. IT decision makers must keep that in mind.

7. The design hasn't changed

Although the basic design of Apple's iPad didn't change in the fourth-generation slate, that's not a bad thing. In fact, it might just be a good thing. Apple's design is outstanding for what customers need—a prominent display that's easy to hold with one or two hands.

8. The mobility factor is still there

Furthermore, Apple hasn't given an inch on its device's mobility. The fourth-generation iPad is just as thin as its predecessor and nice and light. For enterprise users, especially, that mobility factor is a huge selling point.

9. The competition is subpar

Looking around the mobile space, there isn't much for consumers or enterprise users to get excited about. Apple's mobile products are simply the best value for customers who want strong performance and solid design. Like its predecessors, the fourth-generation iPad delivers the proper balance of those two features.

10. Bet on the quality

The nice thing about the fourth-generation iPad is that it's a known quantity. All Apple really did with the new device is deliver a better processor and a new connector. Other than that, all things have remained constant. That means customers shouldn't anticipate the kinds of issues they would expect when an entirely new product launches. Expect the fourth-generation iPad to be reliable.

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