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  • The transaction aligns with Verizon's strategy to focus on driving digital transformation for enterprise customers, not running data centers.

  • A new open-source connector enables businesses to build IoT applications that gather and make sense of mountain of data from disparate sources.

  • Smart home investments are increasing as more products reach the market and the devices become more capable of handling diverse user needs, according to several industry organizations, including Coldwell Banker. One of those platforms is Samsung’s SmartThings, a smart home hub featuring integrated applications connected to the cloud. Samsung has owned SmartThings, founded in 2012, since it bought the startup company for $200 million in 2014. At the center of the SmartThings technology is a networked-connected hub to control hardware. Users also can buy a wide range of Samsung accessories to work with SmartThings, such as smart outlets and environmental sensors, as well as compatible products from third-party providers, including Google’s Nest. SmartThings is becoming one of the more popular ways for people to get into smart home technology as they look for ways to take control of their home security, utilities and environmental systems. This slide show will cover SmartThings' features and what it takes to get it up and running in any smart home.

  • ALE Rainbow provides a set of cloud-based communication services (web, PBX, chat and others) with high-end features.

  • The new package is implemented as a virtual network function within Verizon's VNS and Secure Cloud Interconnect environments.

  • It's that time of year, when retailers across the United States prepare to welcome massive numbers shoppers as Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season. Many shopping malls and individual retail outlets now provide free WiFi as a convenience to consumers, but not all free WiFi is created equal. Mobile security firm Skycure released its third-quarter Mobile Threat Intelligence report Nov. 17 that provided some insights into the mobile threats shoppers need to be aware of this holiday season. Among the key highlights of the report is a ranking of the 10 riskiest shopping malls in America for mobile phone users. The Fashion Show mall in Las Vegas was ranked the most dangerous, with Skycure discovering no fewer than 14 WiFi networks that were rated as either being malicious or risky. Staying safe with smartphones and other mobile devices this season involves multiple steps, including avoiding potentially risky free WiFi networks, keeping mobile device security and applications updated and using only legitimate app stores. This slide show details some key trends and tips covered in Skycure's third-quarter Mobile Threat Intelligence report.

  • Networking kingpin banked $3.1 billion in earnings on $12.4 billion revenue for the first quarter of its fiscal 2017.

  • Never mind that 5G is years away. That's not stopping key industry movers from speculating about how the market will look years from now.

  • Survey by customer engagement software provider [24]7 finds that millennials leading adoption of messaging apps, embracing live chat and chatbots, but they still want to talk to humans when needed.

  • "Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we're free at last!" Yes, those were the words used by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963, talking about civil rights in the United States. Similar sentiments were used years later when innovators in IT came up with reliable wireless connections between enterprise and user-based computers that enabled people to roam at will without wires and plugs and still get work done and information exchanged. Since mobile phones became mainstream in the 1990s, we've come a long, long way in terms of IT wireless connectivity. You may not have noticed it in its entirety, but in 2016, the industry witnessed more than a simple incremental bump up in wireless capability and user-friendliness; this is due to vastly improved system architectures and software. In this eWEEK slide show, we identify 11 advances in wireless connectivity made during the past year, using industry information from Mist Systems, whose software provides machine learning and automation for simplifying IT operations.

  • The company that made its name in the hyperconverged infrastructure space is continuing to expand its efforts to offer a complete enterprise platform.

  • The chip vendor unveils the first update to its WICED internet of things development environment since buying the technology from Broadcom earlier this year.

  • BT partners with Nuage Networks to add to its telco services, while CA will integrate Viptela's SD-WAN platform with its network management software.

  • The company is expanding its enterprise communications capabilities at a time when Microsoft, Facebook and others are rolling out new offerings.

  • The vendors are bringing open software to the group, which is working to create a complete open-source network operating system.

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