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  • Microsoft's new Network Performance Monitor enables Operations Management Suite customers to gain enhanced network visibility into the public and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Cisco expands its Next Generation Firewall product portfolio with the new Firepower 2100 Series, alongside new security management capabilities enabling organizations to manage security both on device hardware and from a centralized location.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: New network infrastructure devices from Aerohive include low prices and easy to use cloud-based management with easy software-based feature upgrades.

  • The latest Polycom systems feature a new customizable TelePresence-type experience and a new camera with advanced video production features, but for less cost.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite warnings of calamity from some circles, Ajit Pai has a long history of bipartisan consensus building and of supporting net neutrality principles.

  • The 55-inch all-in-one Cisco Spark Board uses wireless technology to connect people to online meetings and presentations.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Avaya's bankruptcy is major news because it involves the world's largest and most widely installed legacy on-premises communications systems provider.

  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation has provided a new computing option for device makers that want to expand their presence in the internet of things and home automation markets. The new device, called Compute Module 3, is the latest iteration of Raspberry Pi’s product lineup for embedded computing. Compute Module 3 is designed to provide a basic hardware platform that device makers can use quickly develop customized products. It is based on Raspberry Pi 3 hardware and uses the same Broadcom ARM system-on-a-chip, but it delivers 10 times the processing power of the first-generation Compute Module. At just $30, Compute Module 3 is a highly affordable component that can plug into a printed circuit board and serve as the central processing unit for a variety of IoT devices. This slide show will dig into the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 and discuss key features the Raspberry Pi Foundation believes make it a versatile component for any company looking to expand into the internet of things.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Promising autonomous vehicle technology was everywhere you looked at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, but sorting out which promises might actually be fulfilled took some exploring.

  • About 100 self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans developed in collaboration with Fiat Chrysler—will make their initial appearance in Phoenix, Ariz. and Google's hometown of Mountain View, Calif.

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