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  • The company launches Radar Live, which tracks network traffic on the Internet around the world in real time and shows where disruptions are occurring.

  • The networking vendor outlines what users and administrators should look for in the technology they buy for their SD-WAN projects.

  • The $16.6 billion deal is moving forward, but French politicians are criticizing the bonuses being paid to outgoing Alcatel-Lucent CEO Combes.

  • The giant virtualization vendor brings greater control, automation and security capabilities to the 2-year-old network virtualization technology.

  • Company officials expect the high-performance technology to be used, not only in HPC environments but also in enterprise data centers.

  • Managing a complex, heterogeneous network normally requires the integration of many independent network management products into a single, cohesive management platform. For most network administrators, access to such a tool is as rare as unicorns. Entuity strives to eliminate confusion and reduce network management stress with version 15.5 of the company's fully federated network management platform. This product also integrates with version 2.5 of their SurePath application, which is used for end-to-end application performance monitoring. The company has integrated novel technologies into the Entuity management platform, such as machine learning and heuristics to build interactive reports that provide insight to network operations, as well as help administrators determine performance baselines. What's more, SurePath brings that same level of intelligence to application monitoring, giving administrators full insight into the performance of applications and virtual machines as well as providing a complete picture of end-to-end network activity. The product supports a physical appliance installation as well as a virtual appliance deployment, giving network managers the freedom to deploy the product on premises, in the cloud or remotely.

  • The company rolls out new virtual and physical appliances while enhancing its APN OS with new cloud and security capabilities.

  • The tech vendor adds to new Altoline switches to its open networking gear, which can now run both PicOS and Cumulus' Linux operating system.

  • Big Switch, which enables companies to run physical and virtual networks on bare-metal switches, also rolls out elastic pricing for its SDN fabric.

  • The search giant continues to fill in the technical details of the homegrown network it has developed for its massive data centers.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: The Federal Communications Commission levied a $750,000 fine against Smart City Networks for blocking WiFi hotspots, but more such actions may be coming.

  • The Fuse is useful, but its reliance on only 4G LTE connectivity makes life on the road unpredictable compared to units that also run on 3G networks.

  • Google's efforts in the smart home business, headlined by the company's Nest smart thermostat, just expanded with the announcement of its OnHub wireless router. The WiFi router comes with a host of "smart" features, including the ability to prioritize certain types of traffic or devices connected to it. Google also contends that OnHub is simpler to use than other wireless routers and is a suitable option for consumers and even small businesses. Still, the OnHub will find itself in a crowded market, filled with devices like Apple's Time Capsule and products from Linksys, Asus, Belkin and others. Google believes that its device strikes the proper balance between speed and usability and has a shot at becoming a major player in a part of the technology industry—networking—that fails to get the attention it deserves. This slide show will take a look at the OnHub router to see if it deserves the attention of consumers and small-business operators. Read on to learn more about Google's new smart wireless router.

  • Reports suggest Virgin Media wants to create a WiFi network to rival that of BT.

  • The $200 OnHub router is built around easy set up and configuration, along with straightforward router management for users.

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