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Cisco Security Connector IOS

Cisco Rolls Out New App to Improve Apple iOS Security

A new security app benefits from the Cisco-Apple partnership, bringing enhanced visibility and control for iOS mobile devices.

Facebook Releases New Certificate Transparency Security Tools

New Webhook and Graph API tools help developers identify when an SSL/TLS certificate has been mis-issued.
Google Advanced Protection

Google Releases Details on Its Cloud Data Encryption Measures

In two whitepapers, Google describes measures for protecting data traveling to its networks and within them.
ROBOT crypto vulnerability

1998 Vintage Cryptography Vulnerability Known as ROBOT Re-Emerges

The Cryptography vulnerability first detailed in 1998, still has the potential to impact modern websites.
Daily Tech Briefing Dec. 13, 2017

Hidden Keylogger in Touchpad Driver Puts HP Laptop Users at Risk VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: A researcher discovers a hidden keylogger in an HP keyboard driver; Microsoft releases a free preview of its Quantum Development Kit; Microsoft is investing $50 million for AI-enabled environmental research; and there's more.

Mirai IoT Botnet Creators Plead Guilty for Roles in Cyber-Attacks

Three individuals plead guilty for their roles in Mirai cyber-attacks, as court documents provide new insight into how the IoT botnet operated.
Juniper CEO Rami Rahim

Juniper Expands Security Portfolio With Automation Capabilities

New capabilities and products announced by Juniper at its NXTWORK event aim to make security simpler to deploy and automate.
Daily Video 1208

Intel Chip Flaw Enables Malware to Gain Full Access to Computer Assets VIDEO

| Updated
DAILY VIDEO: Newly revealed flaw in Intel processors allows undetectable malware; Google blocking Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show users from YouTube access; Apple Pay Cash allows person-to-person payments from Apple devices; and there's more.
cyber risk

Five Cyber-Security Threats Enterprises Will Confront in 2018

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cyber-security threats will likely get worse next year as attacks get more sophisticated, but for organizations the focus will shift to loss prevention.

Microsoft Wraps Up 2017 with Final Patch Tuesday Security Update

Memory corruption vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Edge browser are patched in the December Patch Tuesday update, as Microsoft provides new guidance to help improve security for Active Directory in the cloud.

Oracle Boosts Cloud Security With Identity and Configuration Services

Oracle continues to grow its machine learning cloud security capabilities with new services that help to automate and improve security.

Researcher Discovers Hidden Keylogger in HP Keyboard Driver

| Updated
UPDATED: The Synaptics Touchpad driver which is widely used on HP laptops, included a keylogger, though it wasn't enabled by default.
Menlo Security

Menlo Security Raises $40M to Advance Malware Isolation Technology

The security startup continues to evolve its isolation technology to help protect organizations from emerging forms of malware.

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