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Bug bounty 2

Microsoft Offers up to $250,000 for Hyper-V Vulnerabilities

Microsoft is offering security researchers up to a quarter of a million dollars for security flaws in Windows Hyper-V virtualization.
Cloud Antivirus Breach

Antivirus Software Cloud Use Exposes Customers to Data Exfiltration

Research presented at Black Hat conference contends that at least four antivirus companies’ products use cloud sandboxes that could be exploited by malware to send out data undetected across the internet.

Broadpwn Flaw Shown at Black Hat Could Have Enabled WiFi Worm Attack

Hundreds of millions of devices including all IOS and Android devices were at risk from flaw that could have enabled a massive WiFi worm malware attack.
Cylance UEFI

Researcher Reveals BIOS Firmware Implementation Flaws at Black Hat

A researcher from security firm Cylance reveals flaws in the way that some motherboard vendors implement Intel BIOS firmware protections.
Edge Blocks Flash

Retiring Adobe Flash Will Make the Web More Secure—Eventually

NEWS ANALYSIS: Adobe’s decision to end support for Flash after 2020 will bring some complications for businesses that haven’t already upgraded to more modern media players, but it will also make everybody more secure.

AnchorFree Launches Free VPN SDK to Protect Net Neutrality

First-of-its-kind software development kit protects apps so internet service providers can’t throttle traffic, no matter what the FCC rules.

Defending Against Drone Incursions Isn't Easy, Black Hat Session Reveals

At a briefing at the Black Hat Conference, researchers from security firm Bishop Fox detail findings on what tools are available to defend against drones.
Facebook Stamos

Facebook Donates $1M in New Funds for Internet Security at Black Hat

Alex Stamos, Chief Security Officer at Facebook announces new investments from the social media giant to help improve internet security, including the Defending Digital Democracy project.
Black Hat 2017 WiFi

Inside the Black Hat USA 2017 Security Conference WiFi Network VIDEO

VIDEO: Heather Williams, solutions engineer at Ruckus, provides a walk-through of the WiFi deployment at the Black Hat USA 2017 security conference, which she calls "The Wild West."
Accenture Hack Happens square box

Black Hat: How Hackers Brief the Board to Improve Security Outcomes

Accenture Security details what to do and what not to do when explaining security issues to corporate management.
Symantec RAT Ghost

How to Exploit RAT Command and Control Toolkits Detailed at Black Hat

A Symantec security researcher reveals that the tools behind some data breaches aren't all that sophisticated and are vulnerable to attack.
Black Hat DEFCON 2017

Black Hat, DefCon 2017 Security Conferences to Reveal New Threats

The annual week of security conferences in Las Vegas gets underway as security researchers prepare to detail all manner of threats that put the modern connected world at risk.
Daily Tech Briefing July 24

Multiple Segway Hoverboard Vulnerabilities Place Riders at Risk VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Segway hoverboard hacking demonstrates IoT security risks; Microsoft launches a program to shore up electric power grid security; a survey finds companies are failing to promptly cut ex-employee data access; and there's more.

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