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IoT Toy Security Risk

FBI Warns About Security Risks From IoT-Connected Toys in Your Home

NEWS ANALYSIS: As more toys and recreational devices are directly or indirection connected to the internet of things, security threats rise, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warns.
Power Grid Security

Microsoft Launches Program to Shore Up Electric Power Grid Security

The company launches a program that fast-tracks Operations Management Suite deployments for electrical grid operators.
Ex-Employee Breach Threat

Survey Finds Companies Failing to Promptly Cut Ex-Employee Data Access

While one-in-five companies have experienced a data breach caused by an ex-employee, most firms still do not focus on shutting down access to former workers.
IOactive Hoverboard

Segway Hoverboard Hacking Demonstrates IoT Security Risks

New research from security firm IOActive discovers that an attacker could take remote control of a hoverboard, placing the rider at risk.
RSA NetWitness

RSA NetWitness SIEM Suite Updated to Improve Security Operations

New iteration of SIEM platform provides an enhanced user interface to help make it easier for security analysts to handle incident response and investigations.

StackRox Emerges From Stealth With Container Security Platform

After working in stealth for three years, the security startup debuts with an adaptive threat protection platform for container workloads.
Data Encryption Key

IBM Z Mainframes Promise to Break Down Barriers to Data Encryption

NEWS ANALYSIS: The new real-time encryption feature IBM is offering with it Z series mainframes should help overcome corporate resistance to implementing system-wide data encryption.
Daily Tech Briefing July 17

Verizon Is Latest Organization to Leave Data Exposed in the Cloud VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Verizon won't be the last to leave data exposed in the cloud; a mobile market report suggests Apple will price the latest iPhones at $1,200; Workday believes the time has come for a PaaS deployment; and there's more.
Minerva Labs

Minerva Advances Anti-Evasion Security to Protect Against Ransomware

The security startup uses deception technology to help mitigate against malware risks, including ransomware attacks.

Nok Nok Labs Gets Infusion of VC for New-Gen Authentication

Nok Nok Labs solutions allow organizations to support a wide range of authentication technologies from a single, unified platform.
AsTech Warranty

AsTech Announces $5M Security Breach Warranty

The application security consulting firm now offers its Paragon Security Program customers a larger financial warranty against data breaches.
Gemalto breach index

Enterprises Overconfident About Perimeter Security, Gemalto Finds

The 2017 Data Security Confidence Index Report reveals gaps between organizations' perceptions of what keeps them secure and what actually works.
Data security

Dell Endpoint Security Suite Helps Protect Air Gap Environments

Dell develops a new version of its Endpoint Security Suite that is able to be deployed in tightly controlled environments that do not have a physical connection to the public internet.

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