Apple@30: The Great History (Trivia) Challenge

Opinion: Three decades is a long time, and Apple is a company rich with history. This short quiz will challenge the Mac expert and yet entertain the Apple novice. See how well you do.

While Apple Computer has been written off countless times over the year, it lives today to celebrate its 30th birthday on April 1.

The company has its origins in the home brew computer pioneers congregating around the Silicon Valley in the mid-1970s. Today, that ancient history is difficult to imagine as computer technology finds its way into every niche of our consumer society.

Instead of a long thought piece, chronicling the rise and fall and rise again of Apple and its co-founder Steve Jobs, I offer this quiz that will test your memories of Apple, the Macintosh and in places the industry. Its a tough one: Are you up for the challenge?

There are four parts to the quiz: Apple Beginnings, Young Macintosh Days, Apple hardware trivia, and Think Different.

Some of these questions go back to the beginnings of Apple and others look at more recent iPod-era events; some are easy and others are on the tough side. And beware of a couple of trick questions.

Apple Beginnings

Question 1. What was the list price of the Apple I computer?


Question 2. What was the operating system of the Apple III computer?

A. Apple DOS 3


C. The Apple Sophisticated Operating System

Question 3. When did Apple discontinue the Apple II line?

A. October 1988

B. April 1990

C. November 1993

Bonus Question: The "two Steves" founded Apple Computer. What are their full names?

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