Apple iTunes 7 Gets a Major Overhaul... Finally

Review: Apple gives iTunes a major overhaul and says hello to Hollywood.

Like most of the geek world, I spent September 12 watching with giddy delight as Apple honcho Steve Jobs unveiled new iPods, new media, and a new version of iTunes to corral them both. Although the long-rumored widescreen video iPod was a no-show, the rest of the goodies provided plenty of excitement. As expected, Apple finally added feature-length movies to the video store, though I suspect their high prices will keep buyers away in droves. Apple also enlisted game developers to engineer iPod-friendly versions of popular titles, including Web favorites Bejeweled and Zuma. Finally, iTunes itself received a major overhaul, adding new features and making much-needed improvements to iPod connectivity. For the most part, all these additions and changes are for the better, but iTunes and its embedded store havent reached perfection yet.

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