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iPod, therefore I am; a Powell presidency; Larry's longings

Sent: Monday, January 3, 2005 12:34 AM
To: eWEEK readers
Subject: iPod, therefore I am; a Powell presidency; Larrys longings


As yule-log embers flickered in his fireplace, Spence hoped his pals appreciated what he went through to send each an iPod. When Best Buy gave its retail stores priority over its online store for its remaining iPods, the procrastinating Puss had to schlep to the mall to pluck the gizmos off shelves to be sure theyd arrive in time, instead of conveniently ordering online. "With online shopping up 28 percent over last year, someone is obviously thinking different," huffed his Hirsuteness. "Now I know what Papa Katt went through when he bought me a Lionel train set."

Spence noted that the seasons other hot gadget was the Nintendo DS game system, featuring a dual screen and built-in wireless capability that lets you connect to multiple DS players. Waxing nostalgic, the Katt donned his coonskin cap and slid his "Davy Crockett and the River Pirates" DVD into his laptop. The Kittys viewing was interrupted when a friend phoned to say that eBay is considering an expansion of its Denver data center. One site eBay is eyeing was built by Sun and, it seems, never occupied. With about 50 Sun servers at its Denver data center, "could Suns real estate people have dropped a hint to Suns eBay account team?" pondered the Puss. "Or has Scott McNealy turned in his hockey pads for a Century 21 jacket?"

The time-tripping Tabby attached an "I Like Ike" button to his jacket and braved a snowstorm to say Howdy Doody to a pal at a cafe. Over lattes, his buddy let drop that HP boss Carly Fiorinas name has been bandied about as a successor to Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge. "Maybe Carlys meetings last year with the Governator will count as political experience," laughed the Lynx. The pal prattled that another political parlor game of late has been "Where Will the FCC Chairman Go Next?" One rumor says Michael Powell may be named president of his alma mater, William and Mary. But if it happens soon, William and Mary being a state school, Powell would have to be approved by (gasp!) Democratic Gov. Mark Warner. Back at the litter box, the Katt nipped nog and pondered speculation about Oracles next acquisition target. Spence heard that Business Objects may top Larrys list. No other BI vendor claims stronger ties to Oracle and PeopleSoft, and Oracle needs a BI sales force for its enhanced BI suite. SAP and Microsoft embed Business Objects Crystal Enterprise product and may have to scramble for new reporting software partners. Spence also heard Siebels recent announcement of its new SMB strategy and subsequent acquisition of e-billing and service vendor eDocs might have been a bid to drive up its asking price, should Larry come knocking. The drowsy retro Rumormonger considered playing with his Erector Set but nodded off with visions of Annette Funicello dancing in his head.

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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