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Clock Speed Is Not Output

Have you ever bought a car because it had an 8,000-rpm engine? No, you haven't. So why would you ever buy a PC because it has a 2GHz CPU?

Apples European Vacation

And when Apple's moves on the Continent break precedent with long-established policy, I'm on it like a cheap chapeau.

Apples Cone Of Silence

Apple Computer's recent out-of-court settlement with a former employee who leaked details of its forthcoming hardware to the Web started me thinking again about a topic that's as old as the Mac itself: When does Apple's legendary veil of secrecy begin to

Mac Summer Party Pack

Late July and early August are the dog days of the Mac social calendar. But even if Apple eschews any out-of-category press conferences in the interim, there's still plenty of Mac news to chase out there.

Good News For Modern Macs

Before it falls too far beyond the event horizon, I thought I'd use this week's column to revisit last week's Macworld Expo/New York.

Taken for a Spin

Microsoft scored some big public relations points with its open desktop announcement earlier this month, but I still can't get over how deftly the company managed to deflect attack in its newfound ability to separate the Internet Explorer browser from its

Lowered Expectations At Expo

There are moments when I don't envy Steve Jobs.

Apple At Expo: Carpe Desktop

In general, I'm betting that the most significant Apple pyrotechnics at the Javits Center will involve desktop hardware.

Does Mac OS X Rest On Adobe?

The last time I tackled the relationship between Adobe Systems and Apple Computer's next-generation operating system in an opinion piece was four years ago, and the scars still haven't quite healed.

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