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Apple Opens Lid on Laptop Updates

Apple Computer on Tuesday, Oct. 16, fulfilled the predictions of Mac handicappers across the Web when it rolled out buffed-up configurations of its professional and consumer laptop lines.

Apples Portables on the Move

Now that the first significant revision to Apple's Unix-based OS has reached end users, the company is apparently ready to spruce up its hardware - and specifically its sleek consumer and professional portable lines.

Mac Fans Greet Palo Alto Apple Store

Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs was on hand Saturday morning to give employees of Apple's flagship retail store on University Avenue in Palo Alto, Calif. a pep talk before its grand opening.

Apple Previews Sleek Store In Valley

Call it one of life's funny coincidences that the address of the new Apple Computer retail store on trendy University Avenue here in the heart of Silicon Valley adds up to "10." Like OS X.

Apple To Open San Jose Store Nov. 23

Apple Senior Vice President of Retail Ron Johnson on Friday revealed set a date for the launch of a retail outlet in San Jose, Calif.: Nov. 23, the day after Thanksgiving.

Mac OS Xs Publishing Pitch

Steve Jobs' switch to the Seybold show compelled him and Apple to direct a concerted Mac OS X pitch to the constituency that still forms the hardest and most demanding core of Mac power users: publishing professionals.

Clock Speed Is Not Output

Have you ever bought a car because it had an 8,000-rpm engine? No, you haven't. So why would you ever buy a PC because it has a 2GHz CPU?

Apples European Vacation

And when Apple's moves on the Continent break precedent with long-established policy, I'm on it like a cheap chapeau.

Apples Cone Of Silence

Apple Computer's recent out-of-court settlement with a former employee who leaked details of its forthcoming hardware to the Web started me thinking again about a topic that's as old as the Mac itself: When does Apple's legendary veil of secrecy begin to

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