Allan Hoffman

Working with Embedded Systems

Microprocessors are everywhere. Digital cameras have them. So do ATM machines, microwaves -- even door locks. If you start to look around you, youre bound to realize youre surrounded...

Novell Certification

Novell was once a name synonymous with technology certifications. The company pioneered certification programs as continuing education and a recognized credential for IT pros. Now, with certifications proliferating --...

The OOP Edge

Object-oriented programming concepts have become accepted practice within the programming world, but thats not to say object-oriented programming -- OOP, as its often called -- is universally appreciated or...

Citrix Certification

System administrators and network engineers often yearn for a hot certification to make them more marketable. In reality, certification alone -- without hands-on experience -- isnt worth much. But...

Selling Yourself, Part I

Wesley Jost didnt have to do much more than place his resume on an online job site or two to find his last job, working for a London software...

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