David Worthington

AOL Launches Grass Roots IM Presence Campaign

AOL (America Online Inc.) is enlisting prominent blogging, media and social networking Web companies to encourage the implementation of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) presence technologies throughout the Web. AOL is...

Microsoft Testing New Hotmail Interface

Microsofts MSN business unit is trying to hook customers onto "Kahuna." Kahuna is code name for an upcoming version of Hotmail that will sport a new style of interface,...

Google Indexes Subscription Content

BetaNews has learned that Google is testing a premium service that will open up mainstream access to the "Deep Web," allowing webmasters with restricted or subscription content to let...

Final Netscape 8.0 Browser Released

Netscape has released the final version of its Netscape 8 Web browser. The browser toggles between the Internet Explorer and Firefox rendering engines as needed to satisfy compatibility and...

Microsoft Accepts Most EU Demands

Monday, Microsoft sent a letter to European Union regulators accepting most of the Commissions demands to satisfy antitrust concerns, but asked for further dialog on some matters regarding the...

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