Deborah Gage

Senior Writerdebbie_gage@ziffdavisenterprise.comBased in Silicon Valley, Debbie was a founding member of Ziff Davis Media's Sm@rt Partner, where she developed investigative projects and wrote a column on start-ups. She has covered the high-tech industry since 1994 and has also worked for Minnesota Public Radio, covering state politics. She has written freelance op-ed pieces on public education for the San Jose Mercury News, and has also won several national awards for her work co-producing a documentary. She has a B.A. from Minnesota State University.

Glitchy Systems Worsen Drug-Benefit Snafus

As the year ended, Bonnie Burns—a training and policy specialist with California Health Advocates, a nonprofit that counsels people on Medicare—was stretched to the limit. She was swamped with requests...

Case Study: Cincinnati Childrens Hospital

The error was simple. But a newborns life hung in the balance. Baby J needed more potassium chloride, a type of salt that is vital to the proper functioning...

Campus Brawl: Oracle vs. PeopleSoft at Stanford

It was the 1990s. A boom time, at least in technology. And Stanford University was eager to dump its 20-year-old mainframe software and move to the latest financial and...

HIPAA Insecurity

If Chris DeVoney hustles, he can stay one step ahead of the hackers he fears are going to steal patient records. But he doesnt dare rest. He is the...

Should the Government Regulate Internet Security?

Both the high-tech industry and the Bush administration have opposed government regulation of the Internet on the grounds that it would burden businesses and hinder technological innovation. But after 2003—...

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