Ed Oswald

Microsoft Preps Answer to Google Pack

Microsofts latest Windows Live offering is for the most part not a new service at all, but rather a one-time download that includes a subset of the available Live...

Apple Receives Stock Delisting Threat

Apples troubles regarding the issuance of stock option grants and the surrounding fallout came to a head Friday. In a statement issued by the company after the close of...

Look for Microsoft iPod Killer in October

EXCLUSIVE—Microsofts so-called "iPod killer" could be unveiled as early as late August, with the company preparing to build momentum toward an October launch, sources close to the situation have...

FCC Wont Investigate NSA Phone Logs

The FCC has declined to investigate whether telecommunications companies have broken consumer privacy laws by sharing phone call data with the NSA, saying the classified nature of the program...

McAfee Granted Wireless Update Patent

McAfee said Monday that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had awarded it a patent regarding methods to update computer files on mobile devices. The company says that the...

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