Frank J. Ohlhorst

Frank Ohlhorst is an award-winning technology journalist and IT industry analyst, with extensive experience as a business consultant, editor, author, and blogger. Frank works with both technology startups and established technology ventures, helping them to build channel programs, launch products, validate product quality, create marketing materials, author case studies, eBooks and white papers.

How DigitSec Brings Much Needed Security to Salesforce

Salesforce has experienced massive growth over the last few years and now ranks 137 on the Fortune 500. Simply put, it's hard to ignore the impact Salesforce has had...

How Sectigo Certificate Manager Removes the Chaos of Enterprise PKI

Organizations are relying more and more on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) certificates to protect critical resources. While that in essence is a good thing, the management of those certificates...

How ADAssessor Brings Visibility to AD Attack Surfaces

Effectively securing and protecting Active Directory (AD) is an undeniable best practice for businesses today. Especially since some 90% of the world’s enterprise organizations are using AD as their...

How Cyglass Brings Network Defense into the “As a Service” Market

The term "As a Service" is growing in popularity among vendors, IT and cybersecurity managers. After all, if one can transform a burdensome siloed practice into a service, there...

How CrowdStorage Built an Affordable Alternative to Amazon S3

On premise data storage is a lot like closet space: one can never seem to have enough! However, the arrival of cloud-based storage solutions has changed the dynamic. More...

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