Michael Dotson

Michael Dotson is Founder and CEO of WorkSmart Media Group. He has extensive executive background in consumer electronics sales and marketing, commercial video production and electronics retailing. Previously, Michael was vice president of retail sales at US Modular. Experienced in managing several products at the retail and OEM level, Michael has worked in marketing distribution and territory development for the past 30 years. Prior to US Modular, Michael was vice president and director of sales for Saitek Industries. At Saitek, Michael handled the North America distribution responsibilities into Brazil, the Caribbean and other South American countries. Before Saitek, Dotson launched an innovative marketing company designed to provide assistance to independent consumer electronic retailers. Michael's other positions include senior management positions at Superco International, Yamaha, JVC, Leo's Stereos and GEMCO. He can be reached at mdotson@worksmartmediagroup.com.

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