Rick Lehrbaum

Apt-Get Remove SUSE; Apt-Get Install Etch

Ever since comparing seven Linux distributions on my "old thinkpad" testbed, Ive remained impressed with the flexibility and ease-of-maintenance of Debian-based Linuxes. In my followup article on using Etch...

The Well-Tempered Debian Desktop

I recently reported on my good results with migrating an old server from RH7 to Debian Sarge, beginning with the network-install CD. Responding to my comments that an install...

Debian: Server Yes, Desktop No

I recently decided to retire Red Hat 7 after seven years of loyal service as a firewall/router operating system on my home LAN. Like a red-headed stepchild grown old,...

Seven Linux Distros Battle for an Old ThinkPad

Like most companies, my employer has a stash of old, "obsolete" PCs and laptops that wont run the latest versions of Windows worth a darn. Naturally, this represents a great...

LinuxWorld Awash With Linux Phone Buzz

This weeks LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco is shaping up as a showcase for Linux cellphone-related products, alliances, and open source contributions. The barrage of phone-related announcements and demonstrations...

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