Steve Gillmor

Steve Gillmor is editor of's Messaging & Collaboration Center. As a principal reviewer at Byte magazine, Gillmor covered areas including Visual Basic, NT open systems, Lotus Notes and other collaborative software systems. After stints as a contributing editor at InformationWeek Labs, editor in chief at Enterprise Development Magazine, editor in chief and editorial director at XML and Java Pro Magazines, he joined InfoWorld as test center director and columnist.

Just Say Yes

Back in the good old days, big software companies did big things. Little companies tiptoed around in the shadow of the platform makers, gaining enough speed to liftoff and...

The Gold Rush

Bob Dylan once made a record called Self Portrait, full of some of the most bizarre recordings of his career. Among these clunkers - mostly clunkers - was one...

Calming Up

For some months now, the proto-blogger of the blogosphere has been focusing on two subject areas: Twitter and the presidential campaign. Dave Winer correctly anticipated the power and growth...

Peace Breaks Out

Yesterday's announcement of Yahoo joining with Google and MySpace to form an OpenSocial Foundation may have seemed like good news for social media developers, but for me it was...


Lifestreaming has been a favorite swarm for the attention crowd in recent weeks. Friendfeed is my favorite, not because I use it much but because it's a bit of...

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