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Glue Networks Enables Orchestration of Multivendor Infrastructures

The company upgrades its Gluware platform with initial support of network technologies from such vendors as Cisco, Riverbed, Palo Alto and A10.


Officials with Glue Networks want to make it easier for organizations to orchestrate and automate their existing network infrastructures, which tend to be multivendor and are becoming increasingly complex.

The company has upgraded its Gluware to give network engineers a tool to automate their brownfield physical and virtual network architectures that are built using technologies from a variety of vendors, including Cisco Systems, Palo Alto Networks and Riverbed Technology. Customers can orchestrate such multivendor environments without having to rip out what they have and replace it with new products, officials said.

In addition, organizations can now deploy the Gluware platform on-premises as well as through a cloud-based service. Glue also is offering a Community Edition of Gluware Lab, a development environment that enables network engineers to customize existing solutions to their particular needs or develop new ones.

The platform and Community Edition of Gluware Lab, announced at the Cisco Live 2016 show, are designed to help organizations that are under pressure to keep pace with the various challenges of being a digital business, including being agile to quickly respond to changing demands while driving down costs.

"While SDN [software-defined networking] is seen as a cost-saving mechanism by the C-suite, it also creates its own issues for engineers tasked with implementing it across a multi-vendor network landscape," Glue co-founder and CEO Jeff Gray said in a statement, adding that with the latest version of Gluware and the launch of Gluware Community, "we have created a solution that will enable the agility the C-suite is looking for, while providing a key element to help network engineers orchestrate multi-vendor networks quickly and seamlessly."

Gluware is designed to enable the automation and orchestration of a business's entire network, not only in the data center but across the LAN and WAN as well. The platform includes Gluware Control for improved orchestration and life cycle management and Gluware Lab for validating the network model, officials said.

The latest release initially support 13 vendor product packages, including Cisco routers and switches, Palo Alto's firewalls, Riverbed WAN accelerators, load balancers from A10 Networks and firewalls from Fortinet. The Gluware Community edition will be updated this summer to include switches from Arista Networks, load balancers from F5 Networks, Juniper Network routers and Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) software-centric network technologies.