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Pexip Adds Cloud Bursting to Collaboration Software

The latest version of the company's Infinity V13 platform will enable automatic bursting to Amazon Web Services when user demand moves beyond customer capacity.

Pexip officials are enabling organizations to scale their enterprise collaboration capabilities even when demand spikes to outpace capacity.

With the latest release of Pexip Infinity V13 collaboration software platform, businesses can burst to Amazon Web Services when the number of users on their conferencing systems reach the maximum capacity. Pexip officials said this is a necessary capability, given the rising adoption of collaboration and conferencing tools by organizations and the growing numbers of people using those technologies.

The new Dynamic Hybrid Cloud functionality is one of several new features in the latest Infinity V13 platform, with others including improved video quality on Google Chrome-based WebRTC clients—including Pexip's portfolio of Infinity Connect clients—and sharing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations across multiple platforms.

Pexip's platform delivers interoperability between enterprise communications offerings including Microsoft's Skype for Business, traditional video and telephone conferencing and web-based communications, creating more efficient environments as businesses continue to shift their collaboration capabilities to the cloud, according to the company. The software-based platform can be deployed on-premises in a customer's data center, in private or public clouds or in hybrid cloud environments.

The Infinity V13 platform’s bursting capability kicks in when usage demand surpasses capacity, and those AWS conferencing resources end automatically when demand returns to normal, officials said.

In addition, the platform’s adaptive-logic media resilience functionality is designed to improve video quality on Chrome-based WebRTC client, which can be hampered by packet loss and bandwidth challenges. Company officials cited numbers from market research firm Gartner that indicates WebRTC usage will grow 1,500 percent over the next few years, with many more people using their notebooks or other mobile devices for video calls, which drives the need for improved video quality.

The new PowerPoint feature enables users connected to Skype for Business meetings through a standards-based endpoint or other non-Skype clients to see PowerPoint presentations that are shared via Skype's Present PowerPoint Files feature. Pexip also updated the administration interface to enable administrators to quickly see the status of the platform, ongoing calls and utilization.