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Prysm Lets Users Invite Third Parties to Collaboration Sessions

The company is adding a Guest Mode feature to its Visual Workplace platform that will enable users to invite outside participants into the meeting.

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Prysm is looking to make it easier for workers to bring third-party participants into their video collaboration meetings.

At the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit this week, Prysm officials introduced a new Guest Mode feature for the vendor's Visual Workplace, a tool Prysm users can use to more closely collaborate with colleagues, partners or customers whether they are in or outside of the users' organizations.

The ability to more easily communicate over video with outside participants opens up possibilities for the call's host, from improving productivity to potentially more revenue by being able to turn potential customers into customers, according to Prysm officials.

"Our new Guest Mode expands the reach of Prysm outside the host company, enabling our customers to bring anyone into their Prysm Visual Workplace to enhance the collaboration experience, whether or not they are a licensed Prysm user," Chief Marketing Officer Paige O'Neill said in a statement.

Company officials are looking to grow Prysm's presence in a crowded and fast-changing video collaboration space. The vendor was founded in 2005, initially selling its Laser Phophor Display (LPD) video-wall products and later adding collaboration software through its acquisition of Anacore two years ago. Now the company offers the Prysm Application Suite, which enables users to control most facets of the collaboration session, from resizing images to annotating documents.

In February, Prysm officials said that the company was pushing into the enterprise space with a hardware-and-software platform called Prysm Enterprise that extends the reach of its technology beyond conference rooms and into mobile devices and the cloud, giving users greater flexibility about when, where and on what device they can collaborate. Prysm Enterprise is part of Visual Workplace, which users can access via a web browser and a secure cloud-based portal that offers real-time collaboration across any device or location.

With Guest Mode, a licensed Prysm user can give an outside participant access to a Prysm-based collaboration session. The guest then can collaborate with other participants in real time and share and edit content, officials said. The hosts can keep control over the content, such as deciding when guests can access the project and what they can see. The participants can leave a meeting and pick up where they left off when they return, with workspaces and content being stored in the cloud.

Guests can log in by entering an access code or accepting an email invitation.