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Rating the Bug Trackers

It sounds like a water-cooler sort of discussion that you'd hear in any high-tech company. According to Tim Bray, one of the founders of XML and currently the director of Web technologies at Sun, some Sun employees were debating what were the best bug tracking and source code management tools out there. They decided to put that question out into the public realm, and according to a quick blog entry from Bray, "this one touched a nerve."

With little publicity, a questionnaire they created had generated more than 200 responses, so Bray is hoping other people will fill out the survey.

The winner's (as of now, at least?) Trac, a product of the open-source Trac Project, was the top bug tracking system, with 34.4 percent of the vote. In the SCM category, Subversion, another open-source technology, was the top tool. If you want to check out all the results thus far, check them out here. And if you want to get in on the action, here is the survey.