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SevOne Integrates Performance Monitoring, Log Analytics

The company uses technology from its acquisition this year of RapidEngines in developing the Performance Log Appliance.

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SevOne is leveraging technology inherited with its acquisition in March of RapidEngines in a performance monitoring appliance that includes log analytics capabilities, the first of its kind in the industry, according to company officials.

SevOne currently offers a range of scalable performance monitoring platforms that enable IT administrators to monitor the performance of their data centers and networks, and to receive alerts and reports when needed. Log analytics tends to be done in a separate process by separate technologies, and when a problem arises, the burden tends to be one of organizations having to manually search the logs and then check that data against the performance monitoring information.

"The new technology eliminates the need for manual log searches of machine-generated data when troubleshooting performance issues, and instead extracts log data in real time and correlates it with data from our performance monitoring platform," Scott Frymire, director of marketing for SevOne, wrote in a June 12 post on the company's blog. "With little to no configuration required, the SevOne Performance Log Appliance provides proactive alerts on potential network and data center performance issues."

The company introduced the Performance Log Appliance at Gartner's IT Infrastructure and Operations Management Summit this week. SevOne acquired the log analytics capabilities through the RapidEngines deal.

According to company officials, the product is the first to integrate log data into an enterprise-class performance management system. The platform, which can be deployed as a physical or virtual appliance, offers real-time analytics of large collections of unstructured log data, giving organizations better information on the behavior of customers, applications and infrastructures.

Other features include automatic alerts whenever a unique log appears for the first time, other alerts when the log data finds an abnormal situation and 180 days of uncompressed raw log data for forensic search. Drag-and-drop capabilities reduce the complexity of search queries, and integrated reports of performance metrics and log data reduce the time spent during security and compliance audits, officials said.

"Instead of expecting customers to isolate the cause of a problem or potential problem, the Performance Log Appliance lets you know not only when there's an issue, but also why," Frymire wrote.