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A first take on enterprise IT technology news and events. Launches Small, Water-Tight PC

The WPC-725F, powered by Intel chips and running on Windows, Linux and other OSes, also is designed to withstand chemicals, dust and dirt.

rugged PC, which specializes in industrial, rugged computers, is rolling out its latest waterproof, fanless computer designed for particularly harsh environments.

The company's WPC-725F is an Intel-powered water-tight system that comes in a small form factor that company officials said not only can withstand liquids but also chemicals, dust and dirt. The quiet system comes without internal fans; instead, the internal CPU is passively cooled through's chassis design.

The system meets IP67 and NEMA 6 environmental standards, both of which indicate the computer is protected if it is immersed in water, such as if it gets rained on or splashed. The WPC-725F comes in a 10.12-by-6.18-by-2.04-inch form factor and is powered by Intel's low-power Core i7-3517UE processor, with a frequency of up to 2.8GHz and up to a 4MB of cache. It includes solid-state drives (SSDs) and runs Microsoft's Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7 operating systems, as well as Linux variants.

The components, including the power, video, serial and USB connections, are linked with water-tight, locking bayonet-style connectors that officials said are usually found in military-designed hardware. The SSDs help the system withstand high temperatures, vibrations, humidity and altitude environments, they said.

The PC, which starts at $2,095, can operate from a range of DC input power, which enables it to run in an array of settings, from marine to field and transportation environments. It also has VESA mounting integrated, enabling it to be mounted in such places as control panels, consoles and walls, officials said.

The WPC-725F's launch comes almost exactly a year after was bought by Sparton, a 115-year-old company based in Schaumberg, Ill., that makes electromechanical devices for a broad range of markets, including medical and biotechnology, military and aerospace, and industrial and commercial.