Boundary Helps Enterprises Optimize AWS, Cloud Environments

Boundary announced that its cloud services are helping key customers such as Dachis Group optimize AWS cloud environments.

Boundary, a provider of cloud-based services for Consolidated Operations Management, announced that its services are helping key enterprise customers, such as Dachis Group, optimize their cloud infrastructure.

Brian Huddleston, vice president of development at Dachis, said Boundary is now monitoring the IT infrastructure at Dachis Group, a provider of data-driven social marketing software and services. Dachis Group relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host its revenue-generating applications serving major-brand customers including Livestrong, AT&T, New York Life, Disney, Nestlé, Estée Lauder and Nokia.

Huddleston told eWEEK Dachis Group was looking for deeper insight into its AWS infrastructure to optimize performance of its business applications and to quickly resolve any latency issues in progress. After deploying Boundary, the company could see early warnings for performance abnormalities and view historical trending data, enabling the company to reconfigure its infrastructure as needed. This visibility has allowed Dachis Group to deliver more immediate analytics to its customers, a critical enabler in social media marketing. Dachis Group also uses Boundary to optimize the use of AWS services, which has led to new processes and solutions that are reducing overall costs.

Dachis Group enables customers to do real-time marketing and provides social media analytics against Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

“We identify the effectiveness of your social campaigns for you–what your customers are talking about beyond the immediate conversations they’re having with your brand,” Huddleston said. In short, Dachis Group tracks trends to measure its customers’ social presence, he said.

To do so, the company uses several different database technologies, including SQL, NoSQL and NewSQL databases, as well as other big data technologies including Storm, Hadoop, Solr and Cassandra, Huddleston said.

“The network is the most important constrained resource in the cloud, so it’s very important to monitor that,” Huddleston said in a statement. “When diagnosing issues across that many nodes, and in particular server spikes, we need to determine if we are maxing out the pipe or if the input to that problem node is getting starved farther upstream. It’s incredibly complicated and without Boundary, it would be really hard to deliver a world-class, big data social analytics solution.”

Dachis Group initially brought in Boundary to find network bottlenecks, which it did efficiently. “We could quickly pinpoint where our issues were,” Huddleston said. “There were some things we found that would have taken us a day’s worth of detective work to root out, but we were able to find the problem in minutes with Boundary. However, one of the things we didn’t expect to use but we were able to benefit from was their enterprise event management capabilities. That’s been extremely cool.”

Boundary enables users to monitor their entire IT environment from a single point of control and is designed to deal with challenges stemming from highly distributed applications, the company said. Boundary’s enterprise event management service centralizes and correlates events, alerts and notifications from any source, enabling operations and DevOps professionals to quickly see the total picture. Event management data is enriched by Boundary’s ability to provide a real-time, all-the-time snapshot of the logical application topology.

Terry Wise, director of the Worldwide Partner Ecosystem at AWS, said the AWS ecosystem was established to partner with companies such as Boundary that can “help enterprise customers like Dachis Group optimize its use of AWS and save money.”

Boundary delivers centralized event management by combining third-party alerts and events with real-time application topology, serving up a comprehensive “single-pane-of-glass” view into modern cloud-based applications. The Boundary service is optimized for use with new-stack IT management leaders such as AppDynamics, AWS, CloudWatch, Jenkins, Nagios, Opscode, Pingdom, Puppet Labs and Splunk.

“The big data requirements at Dachis Group are a perfect fit for Boundary because our service is designed to monitor, consolidate and troubleshoot highly complex, modern IT environments in the cloud,” said Gary Read, CEO at Boundary, in a statement.