ConVirt Enterprise Cloud Management Console

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ConVirt Enterprise Cloud Management Console

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud is managed from a central, browser-based console.

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Adding a KVM Server

Adding virtual resources to ConVirt proves simple with easy-to-follow screens.

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Virtual Server Properties

The management console shows all needed configuration options and critical information for importing a new virtual machine.

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Simple Monitoring

Administrators can monitor existing and new virtual servers to determine usage, loads and other elements that may affect usability.

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Provisioning a Virtual Machine

Once a virtual host is selected, creating a virtual machine is just a simple process of loading the OS from an image and executing a template to provision the VM.

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Templates Ease Configuration

Virtual Machines can be predefined, using templates that help to save time and automate provisioning.

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Templates Provide Most Required Provisioning Information

Templates pre-populate most of the information needed to complete the provisioning process.

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Remote Control of Virtual Machines

Administrators can remotely access any provisioned virtual machine to perform additional set-up chores or manage the VM.

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Creating IaaS Cloud

Building an infrastructure as a service cloud requires little more than defining the IaaS offering and selecting the virtual components that make it.

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Simple IaaS Management

IaaS entities can be fully managed from the console, and all settings are readily available.

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Networking Set-Up

Plenty of networking options are available for each defined IaaS.

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Building a Virtual Data Center

Once an IaaS is defined, creating and provisioning a virtual data center is a matter of simply selecting the virtual components to include.

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Assigning Virtual Machines to a Virtual Data Center

Virtual data centers consist of virtual machines and virtual infrastructure components, which can be selected from predefined sources or created on the fly.

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Managing Users

Each Virtual data center can have its own users, which are assigned during creation.

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Self-Service Portal

Users can manage their own virtual data centers using a management portal, which is a subset of the main management console.

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