Getting Started

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Getting Started

To get started, you search the AWS marketplace for Kognitio. Here is the AWS Marketplace page in the Web browser.

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Easy Installation

Installation is easy as starting the wizard for the Amazon Machine Image on the marketplace.

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Setting Up a Server

I wanted a bigger server, so I increased it to an M1 Medium.

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Watch the Storage Capacity

The server image comes with several storage volumes attached to it. Be sure to pay attention to pricing on these.

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Setting Up Desktop Client Tool

Configuring the desktop client tools requires setting up an ODBC connection to the remote AWS server.

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Logging Into the Database Server

After configuring the ODBC connection, you can log into the database server from your desktop.

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Kognitio Displays Database Tables

Once logged in, you're presented with what appears to be a typical desktop database client tool. Here we're listing some tables.

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Creating and Running SQL Scripts

The console lets you create entire SQL scripts that you can execute.

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Tools to Debug SQL Code

The console also includes debugging tools so you can trace through your SQL code.

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Kognitio Keeps You Informed

There are several reports available, particularly dealing with RAM usage since Kognitio operates in-memory.

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