IBM Brings Tivoli Monitoring Software to the Cloud

IBM is rolling out Tivoli Live Monitoring Services, a subscription-based offering that enables businesses to access the data center monitoring software via the Web from the IBM cloud. Businesses are demanding greater flexibility in the ways they can deploy software, according to IBM officials. The vendor will be making more Tivoli software available on the IBM cloud over the next year.

IBM customers can now access the vendor's Tivoli data center monitoring software through the IBM cloud.

IBM on Dec. 8 announced Tivoli Live Monitoring Services, a subscription-based offering hosted by IBM Global Services on a Big Blue cloud computing environment.

Key targets for the new service are midmarket companies, according to Al Zollar, general manager of IBM's Tivoli business.

"This will give the smaller businesses the same powerful monitoring [capabilities] that the larger enterprises have," Zollar said in an interview.

There is a growing demand on vendors to offer their software through a variety of avenues, giving business options rather than just bringing the software on premises, he said. Offering the Tivoli monitoring software through a monthly subscription service via the Web is just one more way of getting the products to the customers.

It's also a key differentiator for IBM, Zollar said. Some software makers don't offer such a cloud option, some only offer their software over the Web, and some offer both, though customers can only get a stripped-down version of the product over the Web.

He said the Tivoli software that customers now can get as a service off the IBM cloud is identical to what they can buy through more traditional methods.

"There's a demand from organizations to have flexibility in how they deploy [software products]," Zollar said.

Tivoli Live Monitoring Services includes Tivoli Monitoring and Tivoli Composite Application Management, which businesses can use to monitor their data center resources, such as operating systems, virtualized servers and applications.

The software is designed to let IT administrators get ahead of any problems-including power outages and traffic bottlenecks-before they arise. The software issues automatic alerts when it detects a problem and creates a dashboard to help analyze and correct the problem, according to IBM. It can also automatically correct some issues that arise.

The Tivoli Live Monitoring Services can monitor up to 500 resources, and includes around-the-clock phone and e-mail support.

Zollar said the Tivoli data center monitoring software is the first product from the Tivoli unit that is being offered through the IBM cloud, which the company announced in June.

IBM will be aggressively pushing more Tivoli services onto the cloud over the next year, he said.