OpSource Offers Enterprise-Level Security in Public Cloud

OpSource is unveiling its OpSource Cloud environment, which will offer enterprise-level security and performance while giving businesses the flexibility and agility they expect from a public cloud computing platform. Enterprises will have the ability to determine the level of access to their Virtual Private Clouds housed within the OpSource Cloud. OpSource will demo its offering at the VMworld 2009 show.

OpSource wants to give enterprises the chance to run private cloud computing environments on a public cloud platform.

At the upcoming VMworld 2009 show in San Francisco, OpSource will unveil its OpSource Cloud, a platform officials say will bring the security enterprises are demanding to a public cloud environment.

VMworld runs Aug. 31-Sept. 3.

Currently in beta, the OpSource Cloud will enable businesses to create a Virtual Private Cloud within the platform, through which they will be able to determine how much public access they want to grant to those private clouds. They can make their Virtual Private Clouds entirely private, open to anyone or any degree in between.

The OpSource Cloud will be publicly available Oct. 2.

"A Web-savvy generation is moving into IT and drastically changing how the enterprise consumes technology," OpSource CEO Treb Ryan said in a statement. "This demographic shift-plus downturn driven demand for cost savings-has accelerated interest in cloud computing. Companies want to take advantage of the cloud's pay-only-for-what-you-consume and collaborative nature, but they have been held back by the lack of security, performance and control."

The goal is to give enterprises the same control over their public cloud environment as they have over their internal IT infrastructures, according to OpSource officials.

Enterprises will have full control over firewall settings in a multitier cloud architecture, with user-level log-in and passwords, operation permissions and reporting at the sub-department level.

Virtualization and the ability to port applications between the cloud and enterprises will come from VMware technology, according to OpSource.

Along with the enterprise-level security and performance, OpSource Cloud will also have the same features of all public clouds, including the ability to pay per hour of use, online signup, online communities and access to compute power as they need it, officials said.