Unisys Unveils Private Cloud Offering

Four months after rolling out its Secure Cloud Solution for public cloud customers, Unisys is offering the software and services in a prepackaged solution for enterprises that want to build a private cloud computing environment. The move is the latest step by Unisys to offer a full cloud computing portfolio, and will be followed by a hybrid offering in 2010.

Unisys officials in June rolled out a public cloud offering that they said addressed the key concern for businesses looking at the new computing model: security.

Now Unisys is looking to offer the benefits of its Secure Cloud Solution to enterprises interested in creating an internal cloud environment.

Unisys on Nov. 2 is announcing its Secure Private Cloud Solution at the SYSCON Cloud Computing Conference and Expo in Santa Clara, Calif.

"This [new offering] takes everything we have in the Unisys Secure Cloud and offers it as a package to customers as a secure private cloud," Rich Marcello, president of Unisys Technology, said in an interview.

The Secure Private Cloud Solution, which will be available in December starting at $50,000, is the latest step in Unisys' push to create a portfolio of cloud offerings that cover the entire spectrum of the computing model.

In the spring, Unisys will begin shipping a hybrid cloud solution that will tie together the company's public and private cloud offerings, Marcello said.

The Secure Private Cloud Solution is a mixture of software and services that officials say will make it easier and safer to deployment private clouds. The offering relies heavily on automation technology and virtualization in both servers and storage. It has all the elements needed for a cloud environment, including multitenancy and self-provisioning capabilities, Marcello said.

In addition, Unisys offers the option of creating a back door into the private cloud offering that enables businesses to use the company's Stealth security technology to move data between the private and public clouds, he said. The Stealth technology runs data through layers of authentication, encryption and bit-splitting into multiple packets, and creates pathways in the network that enable the encrypted data to move securely throughout the network. The data is then reassembled when it's delivered to authorized users.

Security is a key concern for businesses considering cloud computing, according to Unisys. A survey by the company this year indicated that 51 percent of the 312 respondents said that security and data privacy were the largest barriers to cloud adoption.

Unisys also is adding new offerings to its Cloud Transformation Services portfolio, covering such areas as assessment, design and planning, installation, implementation, and application migration services designed specifically for private clouds.

In addition, Unisys is adding disaster recovery capabilities to the cloud offerings. The company's Secure Disaster Recovery as a Service can be used on a subscription basis, enabling customers to use the Secure Cloud Solution as a disaster recovery backup facility.

"Services are really critical and will be a real differentiator," Marcello said.

At the end of November, Unisys will add support for Microsoft software stacks and for IBM WebSphere and Oracle.