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Ubuntu Linux at Amazon, Best Buy for $20

The Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 Linux distro is available online at and, and is being made available by ValuSoft.

Jungle Disk Aids Amazon Storage

Jungle Disk gives the Amazon S3 storage service a solid front end for the online storage and backup needs of enterprises. The product works with systems running Windows, Linux and OS X.

Platform Vendors Seed the Cloud

Vendors deliver new and improved cloud computing offerings and partnerships at the Structure 08 conference.

Report: Green IT Equals Greenbacks

IT systems makers can indeed become more environmentally friendly and make money at the same time.

IBM Scores Microsoft as First iDataPlex Customer

The IBM iDataPlex server array will serve as the testing hardware for Microsoft's Windows High-Performance Cluster operating system.

Keynote: Flying KITE in the Cloud

Keynote Systems launches a new version of its Keynote Internet Testing Environment to test Web application performance from the desktop and the Internet cloud. Aims to Grow Into a Utility Computing Power

| will stake its future growth for the next decade on delivering a computing platform as a service.

A Google DLR?

A Google DLR would be a boost for Google App Engine.

Sun Looks for a Greater Role in HPC

Sun's John Fowler does not expect the Constellation supercomputer to hit a petaflop this year, but he does see the company expanding its HPC offerings.

Fastest-ever Windows HPC Cluster

Running a beta of Windows HPC Server 2008, supercomputer hits 68.5 teraflops.

Nvidia Releases 240-Core Graphics Processor

The Tesla 10 series processor is Nvidia's latest offering for high-performance computing.

IBM Unveils Portable Data Center 'Pods'

IBM's answer to Sun's Blackbox and Microsoft and Rackable portables is designed to cut way back on power usage.

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