Adobe Sets Out to Reinvent Marketing at Summit

At Adobe Summit 2014, The Digital Marketing Conference, the company focuses on the theme of reinventing marketing.

SALT LAKE CITY – Adobe kicked off its Digital Marketing Summit here by taking the crowd of more than 5,000 digital marketers, publishers, agencies and technologists on a journey toward marketing reinvention.

At this year’s annual trek to the mountains to preach the gospel of digital marketing, Adobe says it is answering marketer’s call to reinvent themselves by unveiling new technology breakthroughs in its Adobe Marketing Cloud, including the ability to do advanced real-time audience profiling, predictive marketing mix planning, and technology that seamlessly manages content across the Web and mobile apps.

Moreover, at the increasingly popular Adobe Summit event, attendees will hear from master marketers at brands including Audi, Fedex, MGM, REI and Sephora as well as celebrity speakers who have used digital to reinvent themselves and their careers.

"Marketers today want to reinvent themselves and the way they approach their work, but the majority need help to thrive in a digital world,” said Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager of the Digital Marketing Business at Adobe, in a statement. “Adobe Summit is the best place to learn about the latest digital marketing technology, get advice on the newest marketing practices and hear from the world’s most effective marketers.”

Adobe introduced new core services for Adobe Marketing Cloud, which span all six solutions and deliver data, insights, context, profiles and more. New core services capabilities include the Master Marketing Profile, which gives companies a single view of their customers and prospects to deepen relationships and offer highly personalized experiences across all marketing channels. Dynamic customer profiles can be updated in real-time with behavioral data from Marketing Cloud solutions and third party systems like CRM, ERP, transactional and payment platforms, said Kevin Lindsay, director of Conversion Product Marketing at Adobe, in a briefing with eWEEK.

Moreover, marketers can use their profile data to create audience segments and share them across Marketing Cloud solutions to deliver the most personalized ad, web, social, email and app content that is visually consistent and relevant to individual customers. As the only marketing profile that enables enterprise marketers with a view of anonymous and authenticated customer data in real-time, Master Marketing Profile is the first of its kind in the industry, Adobe said.

The new Shared Assets feature enables companies to sync, store, search, and share digital assets from a central repository across Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Marketers can take advantage of Adobe’s Creative Cloud tools and collaborate directly with creative professionals to accelerate the production of content across all marketing channels, all from one user interface. Assets are automatically versioned, indexed and made available to Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions to help marketers save time and resources.

Meanwhile, also previewed its Marketing Mix Planning technology, which adds new capabilities in Adobe Marketing Cloud that enable marketers to assess, optimize and execute their offline and online marketing mix including TV, PR, print and events, as well as paid search, display advertising, social, email and more. Using state of the art algorithms, Marketing Mix Planning technology provides both descriptive and predictive analytics including attribution, effectiveness, forecasting, and campaign scheduling across all marketing channels. This gives marketers the ability to tie together attribution, analytics, media planning and execution while offering real-time activation of campaigns and insights.

Adobe also launched a set of new mobile app development solutions and capabilities in Adobe Marketing Cloud that help companies create, manage and deliver highly personalized mobile app experiences to their customers and prospects in real time and without the need for app development skills.

In addition, Adobe delivered a new release of its Web experience management solution, Adobe Experience Manager, which simplifies website re-platforming and dynamic asset delivery. And the company also launched Adobe Target Premium, which automates the targeting of relevant content, offers and cross-sell recommendations for marketers and enables organizations to easily launch automated campaigns with just a few clicks.