Does the Grinch Plan a Visit to Oracle?

Are layoffs Larry Ellison's next step after his Zew Zealand yacht race?

Last week, Spencer speculated on whether Larry Ellison, after a conspicuous absence, would rejoin Team Oracle for the rest of the Americas Cup New Zealand yacht race. This week, the Katts curious about who will still be on board at Oracle itself. As of press time, the Kitty had heard Oracle was reorganizing and possibly looking to announce additional layoffs this week.

"Does anybody from Seattle play by the rules?" seems to be a bigger question than "Wheres Larry?" at the Americas Cup. OneWorld, the Seattle Yacht Club entry funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and telecom billionaire Craig McCaw, has been penalized for possessing several other teams design secrets. Last week, a OneWorld team member admitted to having a Zip disk containing Team New Zealands design info. "Me-ouch!"

His Hirsuteness had to wonder if the tough economy or the high price of its own software made Microsoft reps tout the energy-saving ability of using Windows XP. Thanks to XPs low-power sleep mode feature, a Windows upgrade will help IT managers save their companies $10 to $50 per PC annually, the company proclaimed last week.

"Mmm, $250 for the software and a whopping $10 off my electric bill—I knew I shouldve stayed awake during economics class," mused the Mouser.

There are whispers coming out of the Idaho winter that MicronPC may be contemplating a name change in an effort to start anew. The PC-maker-turned-services-company never actually lost its roots and has been entrenched in the old-world art of PC manufacturing, despite efforts by past CEOs. It has reported an operating profit for three consecutive quarters and handed employees profit-sharing bonuses of $400 and higher. The Kitty surmised that, if true, a name change would help further distance MicronPC from its former CEO, Joel Kocher, who proclaimed last May that the PC was dead. "Sounds like reason enough," laughed the Lynx.

The introduction of Siebel Systems Universal Application Network has the companys rivals scrambling to come up with their own business process integration technologies, according to a Tabby tattler. Look for SAP and PeopleSoft to play catch-up by acquisition, with Q-Link Technologies, Fuego and Metaserver on their holiday shopping lists.

"Not quite what Id wanna find in my stocking," griped the Grimalkin.

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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