IBM Puts Its Cloud Data Services on Display - Page 2

The company also demonstrated the capabilities of dashDB, which was first introduced in October 2014. Last month IBM rolled out dashDB Enterprise MPP (massively parallel processing) for faster query and greater scalability. Park said the new offering can scale to 20TB now, and will grow throughout the year and getting to the petabyte level in 2016. IBM also enhanced dashDB's compatibility with Oracle and Netezza.

Shiv Sehgal, solutions architect for RSG Media, said his company is wrapping up a proof-of-concept (PoC) using Cloudant and dashDB as it looks to move more of its data services to the cloud. What attracted RSG Media to the IBM technologies was the tight integration between the services and the scalability of the Cloudant offering.

RSG Media offers a range of software and services to media companies to help them maximize revenues they can get from their content and advertising. Those media companies not only include cable and broadcasting entities, but also entertainment, gaming and publishing firms. All those companies want to be able to quickly collect, analyze and act on the reams of data they have coming in regarding how viewers are consuming their products, Sehgal said.

Episodes in television series can cost $1 million to $2 million or more to produce, so broadcasters want to make sure that they're airing the shows at the right time to ensure that they're getting the best return on each showing, he said. Being able to analyze the data they're collecting and acting on the insights gleaned for the data is important to the companies.

The PoC involves developing applications they can use to help schedule their TV lineups and how best to maximize their advertising. RGS Media will have a soft launch of the applications in September, then a hard one in April 2016, Sehgal told eWEEK.