Microsoft Dismisses Oracles Attempt to Grab SQL Server Users

A database pricing war broke out when Oracle announced at AppsWorld that 10g will be priced the same as SQL Server. Microsoft was unfazed by the news, with SQL Server Director of Product Management Tom

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Oracle Corp.s recent declaration that 10g will cost the same as Microsoft Corp.s SQL Server isnt particularly impressive, given that for your money, you dont get reporting, business intelligence or plenty of other pricey Oracle add-ons, Microsoft Director of Product Management Tom Rizzo told

"Its pretty much a P.R. stunt for them to get in the news for competing with SQL Server," said Rizzo, in Redmond, Wash. "Effectively, were winning a lot of accounts from Oracle. Its not just the licensing [thats winning us accounts], its the high cost of maintaining Oracle, supporting Oracle, and the overall high TCO [total cost of ownership] of Oracle."

During Oracles Financial Analyst Day at Oracle AppsWorld in San Diego, Oracle President Chuck Phillips on Wednesday announced that its time to "go on the offensive" against Microsoft. Phillips said that pricing for the Windows version of the Redwood Shores, Calif., database giants upcoming Oracle Database 10g will be set at "the same list price per processor as Microsoft."


Oracle as yet hasnt provided details regarding whether that price pertains to Standard, Enterprise or both editions.

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