12-Way Sun Server Built for Harsh Environments

Newest Netra features 900MHz UltraSPARC III chips and up to 96GB of memory.

Sun Microsystems Inc. on Thursday rolled out the latest in its line of Netra servers for the telecommunications industry, the 12-way Netra 1280, which features 900MHz UltraSPARC III chips and up to 96GB of memory.

The Netra 1280 is the only 12-way server that has received NEBS (Network Equipment Building Standard) Level 3 Certification, a key standard for telecommunications servers that often are housed in "physical, harsh environments," said Steve Campbell, vice president of marketing for Suns Enterprise Systems Group.

"Sometimes these servers are housed in some hut in the middle of nowhere," exposed to such natural dangers as flooding and earthquakes, Campbell said. "Theyre not going to sit in a data center with a controlled environment."

The Netra 1280 runs the Solaris operating system and features the Sun Open Net Environment software stack. It also includes lights-out management capabilities, dynamic reconfiguration features, and hot-swappable chip and memory boards, enabling users to make upgrades without having to bring the system down.

At a 12U (21-inch) height and a depth of 22 inches, the system can fit in most pre-existing racks, Campbell said.

The Netra 1280 is available now, with pricing starting at $89,995.

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