Apple Says Hello, Goodbye

Jobs & co. exit India; is schwartz overseeing a setting sun?

So the Beatles and Steve Jobs do have something in common after all," laughed the Lynx, noting that despite their trademark disputes, both parties now share a hasty exit from India. Back in 1968, it was the Fab Fours sudden disillusionment with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that prompted their historic exodus from Rishikesh. With Jobs, its the sudden closing of a Bangalore facility that the company opened in April. Apples Bangalore development and support center had planned to amass a staff of 600 but instead laid off its staff of 30 and shuttered its doors. "Isnt it a pity," hummed the hirsute George Harrison fan.


The KattPhones new ring tone, "Here Comes the Sun," brought a call from a crony asking the Kitty if he thought Suns restructuring plans were an indication that the company is prepping for an eventual sale, as some Sun watchers have speculated. The crony was referring to CEO Jonathan Schwartzs announcement that the company will lay off about 5,000 employees and sell some of its West Coast offices. The rumor mill sees Schwartz streamlining the company to sell off Suns hardware biz and concentrate on software. "I think hes just making the hard-line business decisions everyone suspected former CEO Scott McNealy didnt have the heart to make," said the Furry One, adding, "Suns doing good things; they just need to make nice with the shareholders."

Bidding his pal adieu, Spence scanned Dells recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing and noted that, for fiscal year 2006, the company has put up more than $991,000 for the personal and residential security of its founder and chairman, Michael Dell. "Im betting three-quarters of that security is just to ensure Dell Dude Steven doesnt get anywhere near the house," cackled the Kitty.

The Tawny Titan later hooked up with a lady friend for coffee and listened as she lamented that her favorite TV shows, "American Idol" and "Survivor," were both on hiatus. "You should just follow CA," mused the Mouser. "Somebody leaves the island, err, I mean Islandia almost every week." It seems Gregory Corgan, CAs executive vice president of worldwide sales, is the most recent person to jump ship, Spence told his friend. The company now is reportedly looking to Chief Operating Officer Michael Christenson to reorganize its sales division.

El Gatos gal pal told him that an investor in SSA Global Technologies is launching a class action suit to stop Infor Global Solutions from acquiring SSA for $1.36 billion, a price shareholders feel is too low. Another bone of contention for shareholders is that SSA CEO Michael Greenough will rake in more than $44 million in stock and options on the deal, a big-league payday for the sale of such a relatively small software company. "My sweet lord," groused the Grimalkin, "Thats Carly Fiorina parachute pay!"


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