Atesto Integrates Web Testing, Monitoring

Web performance testing provider Atesto Technologies will announce on Tuesday its Web-based LoadModeler software to large enterprises with their own in-house testing expertise.

Web performance testing provider Atesto Technologies Inc. will challenge market leader Mercury Interactive on its own turf on Tuesday when it debuts a licensed version of its hosted testing technology.

The Fremont, Calif., startup will offer its 100 percent Web-based LoadModeler software to large enterprises with their own in-house testing expertise. The new Atesto LoadModeler Enterprise Edition Version 2.0 is integrated with the companys ResourceWatch Web infrastructure monitoring tool. Together the tools provide network and server monitoring behind the firewall, integrated with Web applications testing for performance, scaleability and functional integrity.

The software can be downloaded from Atestos Web site and then installed and run from a centralized server farm. Unlike most competitors, Atesto allows the centralized tools to be accessed and run from multiple remote locations within an enterprise, without having to install the testing infrastructure at each testing site, according to Ronnie Ray, vice president of marketing for Atesto in Fremont.

"This is one enterprise wide platform. We are 100 percent Web native, so the whole organization can benefit from one infrastructure," he said.

Although the market is dominated by Mercury Interactive and includes a number of established competitors such as Compuware, Segue, Rational and others, there is plenty of room for startups with flexible offerings, believes Theresa Lanowitz, research director at Gartner Inc., in San Jose, Calif.

"The concept of building quality software is gaining in popularity. A lot of organizations have had a very bad experience by not testing. They have to go back and redo everything and take on the way to do it right—including testing," she said.

LoadModeler Enterprise Edition integrated with ResponseWatch monitoring, analysis and reporting will be available in November. Prices start at $20,000, and they can range up to $500,000, depending on configuration, and the number of users, among other things.