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Opinion: The Gates Foundation invests in P.F. Chang's; iPhones may go global.


"Sometimes filling ones own face may be of benefit to others," read the Furballs fortune cookie as he and a crony were finishing up a feast at P.F. Changs China Bistro. "Thats pretty cryptic, even for a fortune cookie," laughed the Lynx.

"Hey, I just heard that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation acquired 1 million shares of P.F. Changs stock as an investment to further fuel its charitable work," said the crony.

"Sweet. So, if I get another order of salt-and-pepper calamari, Ill be helping out the world like I was freakin Bono!" mused the Mouser.

Dismayed by the Furry Ones feather-brained philanthropy, the crony skatted off into Bostons Park Square as soon as the two exited the eatery. As the Kitty strolled toward the Boston Public Garden, the KattPhones new ring tone, U2s "Beautiful Day," brought forth a call from a tipster. The caller was an Apple fan who said that Cupertino watchers are predicting that production of the Mac mini may soon cease.

The Apple rumor mill also is buzzing that the house that Jobs built may have already tapped Taiwanese equipment manufacturer Quanta to help produce a second-generation iPhone for European and Asian markets.

"An iPhone for those markets would need to be compatible with 3G high-speed mobile networks," explained the pal.

"Boy, the first iPhone hasnt even hit the streets, and the Apple heads are already gossiping about a global model," cackled the Kitty. Bidding the caller adieu, the Katt made his way through the park and bought a ticket for a ride on one of the Hubs famous Swan Boats. As the bird-shaped boat floated around the pond, Spence received another call, this time from a market watcher who claimed rumors were swirling that Nokia may be looking to acquire RIM.

"That speculation crossed my desk a week ago—I dont see it happening," said El Gato. The pal also claimed that private equity company Blackstone Capital Partners may be eyeing Micron Technology as a possible buyout candidate.

Suddenly, a youngster vigorously hurling peanuts at the nearby ducks accidentally hit Spence in the eye. Figuring the Katt needed medical attention, the phone crony hung up and sped to the scene to drive His Hirsuteness to the hospital.

On the way, the pal mentioned that SAP recently dubbed Vishal Sikka, formerly a senior VP and chief software architect at the company, its first CTO. "With the recent defections of Shai Agassi, president of SAPs product and technology group, and Aliza Peleg, managing director of SAP Labs, I guess they felt it was time to appoint a CTO," said the pal.

At the ER, the Lynxs legume-lacerated eyelid took a back seat to more serious injuries. "Did ya see that Intel co-founder Andy Grove issued an open letter to all the presidential candidates detailing his plans to fix health care?" asked the pal.

Grove thinks a 1 percent surtax should be added to all health care billings and the proceeds should be used to fund emergency rooms. "Only the paranoid may survive, but the co-pays could cripple ya," groused the Grimalkin.

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Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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