Entuity Moves Further Into Eye of the Storm

Entuity enhances Eye of the Storm management software to allow it to more quickly add support for new technologies.

Infrastructure management startup Entuity today announced it is opening up its Eye of the Storm management software to allow the tool to more easily expand its support for new technologies.

The unified fault, performance and inventory management tool for networked systems leverages a new database architecture, dubbed StormWorks, that allows Eye of the Storm to more quickly support new classes of assets in an IT infrastructure.

Release 2.7 of the tool--which uses control files instead of source code changes to customize data gathering, presentation and storage--leverages the architecture to add support for frame relay as well as router resource management. Support for ATM is planned for later this year.

Entuity also re-architected the tools reporting engine so that it can produce different categories of PDF and HTML reports. Different reports are more easily configurable under the new architecture.

"The inventory piece discovers the assets deployed in enterprise, including router serial numbers, software revs, firmware revs, switch port and wan port configurations, and so on. Then we layer on the performance piece to see to what extent those assets are being used. It gives the enterprise visibility into asset performance management to reduce capital expenditures," described Jeremy Tracey, vice president of corporate strategy at Entuity Inc. in New York.

Tracey estimated that the new architecture allows Entuity to add support for new technologies in about three months—down from 12 to 18 months.

Tracy said that customers have used the new release to find under- and over-utilized infrastructure assets to either eliminate bottlenecks in over utilized assets or reduce costs with underutilized assets.

"What they are doing is a very targeted integration. What I liked about that effort is good, tight integration without the heavyweight footprint. Its a nice middle ground," reacted John McConnell, president of McConnell Consulting in Boulder, Colo.

The new release is available now, and pricing begins at about $50,000.

Entuity also announced it has received a new round of venture funding with $8.5 million.