eWEEK Labs Steps Through MonoDevelop 2.0

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eWEEK Labs Steps Through MonoDevelop 2.0

by Jeff Cogswell

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Full-Featured IDE

MonoDevelop 2.0 is a full-featured IDE that rivals the best. Visual Studio programmers will feel quite at home.

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New Project

The New Project dialog box includes several project types, including Gtk# 2.0 projects.

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Project Options

When you select a Gtk# 2.0 project, you have several options, such as version to support, packaging, translation and Unix integration.

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Default Files

Once you create the new Gtk# 2.0 project, by default you'll have several files such as this one, the Main.cs file.

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WYSIWYG Designer

MonoDevelop includes a nice WYSIWYG designer. Simply click View->Toolbox to open the Toolbox.

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When the Toolbox is open, you can drag items from it onto your form. You'll typically start with a container, after which you can add buttons and other controls.

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Adding Events

Adding events is easy: Select the control and click on the Signals tab in the Properties box, and add the event. The empty function will be added automatically for you.

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Code Editor

Inside the code editor, the Click event handler has been created. You can then use the handy MonoDevelop features such as code completion.

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