Geekspeak: March 19, 2001

Python language gains strength

Announcing the formation of the Python Software Foundation, the inventor of the popular Python scripting language welcomed this month more than 300 attendees to the Ninth International Python Conference in Long Beach, Calif. The foundation "starts life with a nice collection of intellectual property," said Python progenitor and conference chairman Guido van Rossum in his opening keynote address.

Pythons readable syntax, object-oriented design and efficiency in writing expressive programs inspired conference papers on using Python to wrap code written in other languages—from FORTRAN to Java—not to mention a poster detailing a fully istrumented, Python-powered bathroom.

"This is not a democracy," van Rossum reminded his audience. "Id rather have a language that fits my brain." At the same time, he announced significant enhancements in the forthcoming Python 2.1.

Van Rossum also noted with pride that a handheld version of Python has emerged for Palm OS. "Embedded platforms are ready," he said, for a language with Pythons strengths.