Geekspeak: October 22, 2001

Changes need not surprise

If I make this one little change to the software, how much could it hurt the schedule? Impact Analysis in MKS Engineer Integrity, released at midmonth, offers application developers and team leaders a far firmer foundation for decisions on making late-breaking changes to software specifications.

Analyzing source code structure in C, C++ and Java, Engineer Integrity also enables source code search-and-replace operations in terms of functional relationships—rather than merely matching raw source text—for reduced error rates during software revisions that span an entire project or code library. Offered at an introductory price of $599, the MKS (formerly Mortice Kern Systems) product is an update of Upspring Softwares CodeRover; it provides its own user interface but can also be integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio or Borland JBuilder (more at