Getting Inside Tivoli - Page 3

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LeBlanc: "Yes, and other IBM software as well. IGS is using it. Our systems group will use it for their Universal Management integration platform. It will be delivered in multiple ways."

eWEEK: How far along are those integration efforts?

LeBlanc: "We didnt just put an IBM logo on (Think Dynamics software) because we wanted to do that integration. You will see some level of integration later this year. One of the criteria for buying (technology) is how quickly we can integrate."

eWEEK: What software functionality is still missing?

LeBlanc: "We just have to deliver on orchestration and dynamic provisioning. And there are technologies I still need from IBM, but none that are glaring."

eWEEK: How dependent is the strategy on IBM Global Services today? Will that diminish in the future?

LeBlanc: "Global Service is part of the strategy, but customers can implement On Demand without them. If a customer wants to pull in piece parts and do it themselves, they can, or they can have IBM do the implementation for them, or do it through a hosting service. We are using the technology to build out our sourcing capabilities. Ultimately some customers will want to do it themselves, some may just want to buy the service. Its our intent to allow that level of flexibility."

eWEEK: Isnt the promise of IBMs initiative dependent on an all IBM hardware environment?

LeBlanc: "No. Unlike some of our competitors, a lot of it gets done in Tivoli because we are a cross platform provider. Ill be able to provision IBM and non-IBM hardware. Some of the base capability is already provided by the hardware supplier. Well exploit that. HP and (its utility data center) is rip and replace. Thats not our strategy. We will let customers leverage what they have. We could take Think Dynamics capabilities and put them down into the hardware layer."