IBM Delivers New BlueMix Services

IBM announced more than 30 new BlueMix PaaS services, including data and analytics as a service for real-time insights.

LAS VEGAS--IBM announced more than 30 new cloud services for its BlueMix platform as a service (PaaS) to help developers quickly integrate applications and speed deployment of new cloud services.

In addition, IBM launched BlueMix Garages, collaborative locations where developers can create new apps on BlueMix, learn new development skills and access IBM's developer ecosystem. IBM announced the garages and the new BlueMix services at the IBM Impact 2014 conference here.

IBM is trying to accelerate the pace at which cloud computing will transform global industries. BlueMix features cloud integration services to enable a secure connection between an organization's public applications and private data; swift, secure and fast connections, via the cloud, between Internet of things and machine-to-machine device to store, query and visualize data; data and analytics-as-a-service to allow the rapid design and scale of applications that turn big data into competitive intelligence; and DevOps services that support the complete developer lifecycle.

Moreover, IBM is leveraging BlueMix's foundation on SoftLayer for this expansion, combining the strength of IBM's middleware software with third-party and open technologies to create an integrated development experience in the cloud. Using an open cloud environment, BlueMix helps both born-on-the-Web and enterprise developers build applications with their choice of tools. With the ability to easily combine a variety of services and APIs from across the industry to compose, test and scale custom applications, developers will be able to cut deployment time from months to minutes.

"The adoption rate of BlueMix has been nothing short of phenomenal since being announced only a few short weeks ago," said Steve Robinson, general manager of IBM Cloud Platform Services, in a statement. "Rapidly growing numbers of beta participants are embracing our model of extending their existing assets and services into a cloud-based, open-source development platform, allowing our clients to bridge between the tools they are planning for the future and the workloads and services they use today to get them to market faster."

In the first eight weeks of BlueMix’s open beta launch, IBM has seen rapid adoption of the open platform with key clients and partners such as GameStop, Pitney Bowes, Continental Automotive and start-ups including EyeQ.

"BlueMix has helped us grow and scale our resources at a rapid pace, assisting us in deploying a cost-effective solution to our clients that helps us get to market faster," said Michael Garel, CEO and founder of EyeQ, in a statement. "With BlueMix, we are able to reduce the amount of time spent on monthly server maintenance by 85 percent and turn our attentions back to greater innovation."