Installing the Eclipse Orion Server

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Installing the Eclipse Orion Server

After installing and running the server, we were presented with a log-in screen that allows us to create a new account or log in.

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Ready to Create a New Website

Once we were logged in, this screen appeared, where we can create a sample starter site, a plug-in, or import a site or file.

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Managing Project Folders

The right side of the screen lets you manage your folders. Here we're creating a new empty folder.

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Browsing Files Within Folders

The folder has not been created, yet we can browse the files in it.

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Creating and Adding Files to Folders

While inside a folder, we created a new JavaScript file called myfile.js.

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The IDE Highlights Code Syntax

We opened the folder and started creating JavaScript code. Notice the syntax highlighting and the way the editor shows us matching braces.

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Creating Site Projects With Basic Templates

To create a new project, you can start with an existing template. Here, we're starting a simple HTML5 site that originates from a zip file containing the template.

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Eclipse Orion Provides Many Settings

There are many settings available. In this screen, we're setting up the user configuration. This is also where you configure Git integration for this user.

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Tracking Plug-In Settings

The plug-in settings page shows what plug-ins are currently installed and includes configurations for those plug-ins.

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Installing Plug-Ins

To install new plug-ins, you can put in a plug-in URL into the bar. When you install a plug-in from a separate plug-in page, it takes you to this page with the URL filled in.

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